Give a Gift

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more - Anthony Robbins

Perhaps, the most valuable contribution you could make to a child's life is the gift of education. Education is not only a fundamental right, but is a powerful catalyst for human development. With education, children have better life options, earning potential and health, and raise healthier children. Spare a thought for the many children in rural India who cannot afford some of the basic necessities of school life. Now is your chance to give a needy child a head-start in life

A decision to donate to charity does not necessarily mean a cash donation. Of course one of the greatest reasons to donate to charity is to help the less fortunate. If you have been blessed, making a decision to donate to charity can help you give a little back.

Your generous donations will assist our charitable programs and a substantial source of much needed educational and vocational assets that will be used to the betterment of those truly in need.


A decision to donate an old computer to Change Foundation can reduce the untidiness in your place of business and leave you feeling positive about the many benefits associated with your decision to give back to the communities in which we all live and work.

Another great reason to donate to Change Foundation is to reduce clutter. From a warehouse of idle IT equipment to a few unused and perhaps “obsolete” office computers, we accept any sized donation, single and bulk equipment.

You could also be a cause for literacy improvement by donating Text books (old/new), subject related reference books, Note books, Uniforms, Pen/Pencil, Calculator, and other education related stationery items which could be completely utilized by the students.

Your gift will help a needy child stay ahead on the road to success. You could be the reason a child can dream of a better future... a future of promise, freedom and fair chances.



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