Support for Education

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. - Winston Churchil

Today there are hundreds and thousands of underprivileged students in India. They are amongst the most vulnerable in society as they do not have the same opportunities and basic necessities of school life as other privileged students. They are often forced into child labor in order to survive and miss out on a normal childhood. Needy students are usually deprived of food, clothing, basic necessities of school life and sufficient healthcare.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of all is their lack of education as they are bound to grow up illiterate. Given the opportunity of going to school, these students could develop practical skills, which would enable their communities to break out of the cycle of poverty

Support for Education is a commitment that will surely spell hope in the life of a needy student. Through your support, a student will have access all the basic necessities of school life. Not just that, the students will have the chance and the courage to dream of a future that will truly be better than the present.

The Foundation takes up individual cases based on their immediate needs. These students are then given educational support, in individual capacity, who are at risk of discontinuing their studies due to impoverished circumstances and have exhibited outstanding academic record. Specific cases are also taken for rehabilitation wherein they are given educational support, vocational training, counseling and provision for aids and appliances.

Your support can bridge the gap between a life of despair and the joy of a healthy happy student life. Your gift will help a needy student stay ahead on the road to success. You could be the reason a student can dream of a better future... a future of promise, freedom and fair chances.



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